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La Belle Beauté is a brand of unique, fashionable bracelets and accessories created with the intention of bringing out the beauty and elegance in every one of us. Founded in 2019, our bracelets are made with love and care, and are designed to make a statement. Each piece of jewelry is the perfect combination of elegance and style, and is meant to be worn with confidence and pride.

La Belle Beauté means "Beautiful Beauty" in French. With every bangle and every product there is a sort of beautiful beauty in each and every one of them. Almost all of our bangles are different, just like every person is different. Although no two people are alike, we all have a sense of beautiful beauty within us. We understand that every woman is unique and should be celebrated for her individual beauty. We hope that our bracelets will be a reminder of this message and that they will bring a little bit of extra beauty to your day. 


This is the purpose behind our slogan

"Elegance and Beauty With A Purpose."


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Welcome to La Belle Beaute - a business built with passion and creativity! Our team is led by 19-year-old college student who found solace in crafting bracelets shortly after the pandemic in 2020. Our goal is to infuse beauty and artistry into every product, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory for our customers.

Introducing La Belle Beaute, the stylish and trendsetting bracelets created by a 19 year old college student who wanted to find a creative escape from the pandemic in 2020. Crafting these bracelets has been therapeutic and now they grace the wrists of many stylish trendsetters.

About The Owner
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